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Welcome to Business English

The Legal English School has teamed up with some of the world’s best language teachers to provide business English courses for professionals and managers from all over the globe. These unique courses usually run online but you can also learn with us in London if you prefer.

Our team of instructors has taught leaders, professional sportspeople, entrepreneurs, managers and professionals from all backgrounds and can cover a range of subjects including:

  • Presentation skills
  • Attending and chairing meetings
  • Meeting clients
  • Networking
  • Business writing skills
  • Public speaking
  • Speaking to the media
  • International marketing
  • Public relations
  • Accountancy English
  • Starting a business
  • Banking and financial English
  • Business English Certificate (BEC) Preparation Skills
  • The Grammar of business English

“The best Business English School in the world.”

Shilpa Shethy, Sky Broadcasting

Why Learn Business English Language Skills?

English remains the most crucial international business languages for professionals. Developing a core understanding of English vocabulary and idioms as well as improving your English business communication can open a wide variety of opportunities in the increasingly competitive international environment.

Take your business plan to a higher level with tailored professional English courses, with live online classes, one-to-one lessons and virtual classrooms designed to help you meet you and your organisation’s needs and learning goals, as well as building confidence.

With our courses, you can improve your general pronunciation, develop impactful business English skills and learn more with our expert-led business English courses.

Business English Course Options

Language training format: Face-to-face weekly or intensive courses, and/or via Skype, Facebook, What’s App and more…

Course content: Legal English, general English, business English, technical English or industry-specific English

Location: Classes can take place online, in your office or home

Timetable: You choose when and how often you want your classes to occur

Course monitoring: We continually assess your course to ensure you are gaining optimum results

Speak to one of our account managers for a free consultation and needs analysis.

Flexible Learning

Our well-qualified native tutors are available wherever you are in the world, at a time that suits you. Feel free to change the time of your Online Language Sessions from week to week, directly with your tutor. Our experienced tutors will teach you with confidence and structure.

Tailored content

Your Business English Course will be structured to include the content you really need, such as industry-specific terminology, role-plays that are specific to your role and training in cultural awareness. Whether you would like to improve your speaking or writing skills, we can coach you. Our tutors tailor training courses for businesses in a variety of sectors including law, finance, banking, marketing, public relations and more.

Short, Focused Sessions

One of the best ways for busy people to learn a language is to take classes for short bursts and often, so our online language sessions are usually one hour long with guided learning and homework between sessions. Our tutors use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, What’s App, Facebook, Cycomm (in China) and Skype to provide high quality interactive lessons. You can also combine your online training with face-to-face lessons for a blended experience that delivers the best of all worlds.

Relaxed Environment

Learn in the comfort of your own home or office at a time where distractions are minimal.

No Travel Time

No need to travel on public transport to a depressing classroom when you can learn from your home or office – leaving you free to focus on the language.

Why is our Unique Method® so effective for language learning?

  • The focus is on speaking and listening. You learn by structured conversation in a natural, intuitive way.
  • The majority of our great team of instructors are native speakers and the immersive environment ensures that even beginner students start thinking, dreaming and speaking in business English from their first lesson.
  • The course content is built around your goals, language level and industry. Progression is rapid and can be put to immediate use.
  • Instructors focus on building confidence in speaking and motivation to learn to ensure goals are met.
  • To learn more about course options and which format is right for your needs; request more info by filling in the form below.

Legal English School Corporate Customers are active in many different sectors, such as:

SME, International Retail, Legal, Hospitality, Global Manufacturing, IT, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Banking, Finance and Insurance Services, Relocation Providers, Media, Healthcare, Training, Outsourcing

Whatever your field – we look forward to introducing you to our bespoke private and group courses for teams, employees and executives.

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