English for the Oil and Gas Sector Courses

Tailored language training for oil and gas workers

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The English for Oil and Gas course has been designed to award sector professionals or students who intend to work in the Oil and Gas industry with the English language skills needed to operate in an international environment. This bespoke course will give you great value by providing you with unique insight into a variety of oil and gas industry fields and situations to develop your ability to communicate in an Oil and Gas environment and provide you with a strong grasp of major Oil and Gas concepts.

The English for the oil and gas industry course is essential for students wishing to develop an understanding in how this major sector of the world’s economy works. This is a highly globalised industry and you need to have a good command of English to progress your career. English is used throughout the industry for operational procedures and cooperation by multilingual teams. This programme can be taken online, in London or at your office.

Our English for Oil and Gas language training is specifically tailored to the needs of technical staff in upstream and downstream sectors. Whether you are new to the industry or have been in your career for several years, you will learn and practice the specific English skills required to meet industry standards. We have worked with experienced oil and gas professionals from companies such as Shell and BP to focus on the specific industry vocabulary and the operational procedures.

Oil and Gas – Management – Example Syllabus

Looking for oil – On land (onshore); At sea (offshore)Refining – In the control roomHealth & Safety: Fire safety; Incident reportsQuestion words, question forms (object and subject questions), word order

Oil and Gas – Engineering – Example Syllabus

The oil industry –How oil is transferred to the customerSeismic operators; Health & Safety: InstructionsControl panels; Health & Safety: Warning SignsImperatives and giving instructions

English for Oil and Gas Language Training: Course Content

  • Discussing processes and equipment
  • Risk assessment, health and safety at the workplace
  • Geophysical and geological terminology
  • Preparing and delivering statistics, reports and presentations
  • Business correspondence and negotiation

What will I achieve from this course?

  • To enhance your knowledge of oil and gas related vocabulary and phrases
  • To improve your comprehension of spoken English when used in typical oil and gas settings
  • To develop your ability to read and comprehend a variety of oil and gas-based texts which an oil and gas professional will be exposed to on a daily basis
  • To give you the confidence to write about oil and gas-related topics that you will be dealing with every day as an oil and gas professional
  • To enhance your ability to communicate in an international business environment and more specifically in an oil and gas setting

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