Legal English Intensive Courses in London

The Legal English School can help you to develop your career by giving you the legal and language knowledge and skills you need.

We will test, advise, develop and teach a course tailored to cover the areas of law and skills that you wish to learn.

We can give you with new legal skills that you did not have before the course.

Tailor-made courses just for you

With over twenty years of experience in legal training, our tutors know how to tailor courses to cover specific areas of law. We also understand what professional skills are required by successful lawyers and design courses tailored to train the participants in the skills they wish to strengthen.

We work constantly with lawyers and law firms to ensure that our courses are up-to-date and commercially aware so that our students gain the maximum value during their time with us. We develop courses on any topic of Company or Commercial Law, to the degree of specialization and practical ability our client’s request. We are also able to develop courses covering a wide range of other legal areas. 

With you at every stage

Our tutors are always on hand to offer advice as to what we consider to be the achievable outcomes of the courses we are asked to develop and we work with our clients to ensure that we achieve their targets for knowledge acquisition. 

Our experience has taught us that knowledge of the law is not enough to be a successful lawyer in today’s legal sector. We also seek to provide training and coaching in a range of essential professional skills that lawyers need in order to provide a full service to their clients. We have courses covering topics such as, public speaking and presentation skills, court-room advocacy, case preparation and presentation, ethics.

Our successful tailor-made legal English intensive courses require the full involvement and participation of all those involved in the development, preparation and delivery of the course, from those deciding what skills and knowledge are needed, through the course writers to the teacher and the students. This is a co-operative undertaking and it requires full participation by everyone involved in the process to achieve truly successful outcomes. We will do our part and hopefully you will too.

A typical day

Studying on our legal English intensive course in London means taking lessons which focus extensively on improving your employability, your language skills, your legal skills and enhancing your commercial awareness.

Your daily intensive classes in London will take place each weekday. We ask you to attend all your classes and visits because this is a super-intensive, serious course.

9.00 – 10.30 CONTRACT LAW CLASS 1: (How to draft a contract)

10.30 – 11.00 Morning Coffee Break

11.00 – 12.30 CONTRACT LAW CLASS 2: (How to negotiate

12.30 – 13.30 Lunch Break

13.30 – 15.00 LEGAL WRITING CLASS 1: (The English of formal emails)

You will receive full access to course materials worth over £200 as well as the opportunity to visit certain areas of legal London in exclusive guided tours just for you.

Focus of the Lessons

Focus of your lessons

  • Legal vocabulary in English (intensive acquisition)
  • Key common law cases (England and Wales) and why they are important
  • The English of written contracts
  • How to present legal information effectively
  • The English needed for successful negotiating
  • Writing formal emails to other lawyers and clients
  • Correcting general mistakes in your legal/general English
  • Preparing for interviews and how to become commercially aware
  • Preparation for success in the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills