Legal Writing Course

All competent lawyers need to have confidence in their ability to write letters and draft legal documents. Our legal writing course provides you with the skills and tools needed to compete in the legal sector. Over the course of several lessons, you’ll learn about grammar and sentence structure as well as how to draft clear commercial contracts and write letters and emails that are read and understood.


Your ability to write fluently and correctly is the basis upon which many clients will determine your proficiency in law and language. Lawyers need to master accurate legal writing to compete professionally. Every document you write needs to show that you are a professional, competent, knowledgeable and accurate lawyer.

Our face-to-face legal writing course is the best way to improve your skills and may be taken online via Skype or other media as well as in London. It is from these sessions that you will learn how to become a skilled letter writer and draughtsman. You will also be required to complete relevant homework which will be checked by your experienced private tutor.

At the end of the course you will be able to: 

  • communicate legal concepts and ideas in writing confidently and easily
  • read and understand increasingly complex legal documents and statutes
  • have confidence in checking and proofreading documents and letters
  • use legal vocabulary and phrases with greater accuracy, conciseness and effectiveness
  • draft clear legal texts
  • use written legal English in your day-to-day working life
  • use correct English grammar and appropriate register for written communication
  • use written legal vocabulary appropriate for the situation and context such as in court, during mediation or while conducting negotiations


  • Letter writing skills
  • Contract Drafting
  • General Document writing exercises
  • Principles of persuasion
  • Structuring persuasive texts
  • When to use legalese in your documents
  • Advanced legal Grammar
  • Punctuation work
  • General Document drafting practice
  • Technical legal vocabulary
  • Explanation of the meaning and use of old legal English, Latin and Norman-French legal vocabulary which is still used in the Common Law
  • How to structure a letter with work on style, layout and content
  • Work on idioms and expressions in legal English and business English
  • Writing exercises
  • Exercises designed to improve your accuracy and conciseness
  • Grammar Exercises
  • Legal vocabulary

Lisette Reyes-Washington

“An easy to follow course with great examples. Five stars for the knowledgeable instructor and clear explanations.”

Petra Stofkova

“A terrific course. The instructor gives clear examples and is always creative with lessons.”

Rosa Seisdedos

“Thank you so much for helping me with legal writing course. I feel that I have built up my confidence and fluency significantly.”

The Legal Writing Master Class

If you are short of time, we encourage you to take our pre-recorded course. Designed by our tutors with help from our students, this course of over 25 lectures delivers insightful lessons on punctuation and sentence structure along with sections on contract drafting and letter writing. Click here for more.

Drafting Commercial Contracts Course

If you are looking for a more detailed course on drafting clear commercial contracts, this pre-recorded course by one of our senior teachers will help you. The course consists of over 20 lectures on areas such as negotiating, contract clauses and how to exit a contract. Click here for more details on this superb course.

Individual Attention

The environment at Legal English UK allows you the time and attention that you need in order to succeed. We offer a range of courses to help you to master your writing skills – and you can learn online or in London with us.

Fantastic Facilities

Each student has access to the best possible learning technologies, as well as having the best course materials. We believe this better prepares you for your professional life.

Life Long Learning

We believe in equipping you with the skills to learn for the rest of your life. By instilling our methods of analytical thinking and structured practice, we believe you will be an independent thinker and be a high performer.

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We are The Legal English School, a language school of educational excellence.

We equip you for your chosen field of study and careers with lifelong learning skills.

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