Master phrasal verbs in fewer than three weeks.

Win confidence.

Learn key phrasal verbs to communicate freely and confidently.

The Phrasal Verbs Course gives you hundreds of new phrasal verbs used in the UK, the US, Australia and Canada.

Using a tried-and-tested teaching method, an experienced and qualified British English teacher will introduce you to key phrasal verbs used in homes and businesses by native speakers.

You will be introduced to the meaning of each phrasal verb and then be given guidance on how to use them.

“This course is terrific. I’ve been studying phrasal verbs for a long time but have never been able to remember them. This is helping me so much.

Natalie Davids, Student of the Phrasal Verbs Course

In addition to lectures on phrasal verbs and how they are used, the course contains several quizzes to help you utilise the language effectively.

The quizzes will help you to retain the information and consolidate your learning.

Get a lifetime’s access today

By investing in The Phrasal Verbs Course today, you will receive a lifetime’s access for no additional charge so you will be able to watch the videos and take the quizzes for the rest of your life.

The path to English Language Mastery awaits

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