SQE Preparation Course

Choose an exam preparation course for SQE1 or SQE2 with The Legal English School to ensure you have the best chance of success in the Solicitors Qualifying Exams and your future legal career.

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SQE1 Preparation Course

Your bespoke course is if you wish to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales using the Solicitor Qualifying Examination (SQE). The course will prepare you for the SRA’s centralised SQE1 assessments, which test functioning legal knowledge (FLK).

To study this course it is recommended you have a law degree or have completed a law conversion course.

What is the SQE1 Preparation Course?

Our SQE1 Preparation for law graduates course focuses on the key legal practice areas that are examined in both stages of the SQE assessments. It includes materials and revision opportunities for the core areas of law from your previous studies. These include:

  • Business Law and Practice
  • Dispute Resolution (Contract and Tort)
  • Criminal Practice (Criminal Law)
  • Property Law and Practice (Land Law)
  • Wills and the Administration of Estates (Trusts)

Legal Services, Professional Conduct, Taxation, and Solicitors’ Accounts may also be covered together with additional revision materials for the Legal System of England and Wales.

To give you the best chance of assessment success, our innovative approach combines one-to-one coaching of the SQE legal knowledge required with an introduction to the legal skills you will need as a real solicitor.

This method of learning helps you develop a deep understanding of SQE topics for quicker recall in the intensive SQE1 MCQ assessments. In addition, it will also give you a head-start on your SQE2 preparation.

SQE2 Preparation Course

This course is for those wanting to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales with the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE). This course will prepare you for the SRA’s centralised SQE2 skills assessments; testing the practical legal skills of client interviewing, advocacy, legal writing, drafting and research as well as case and matter analysis.

The SQE2 Preparation course will provide you with an understanding of key criteria that is featured in the SQE2 assessments. It will develop an approach and methodology to best achieve assessment success including:

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Assessment-focused workshops
  • Mock exam prep and feedback
  • Individual feedback, reflection, personal development goals and an assessment plan

You will cover the following topics:

  • Case and Matter Analysis
  • Client Interviewing and Attendance Note Writing
  • Advocacy
  • Legal Research
  • Legal Writing
  • Legal Drafting
  • Negotiation Skills
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Independent study

  • Work through online materials, including workbooks, examples, recordings and practice questions
  • Explore the SRA assessment structure and marking criteria
  • Gain insight into the legal skills and how they should be used in practice
  • Submit written skills diagnostic assessments that will help measure the development of your skills against the SQE2 assessment criteria

The time it takes to work through the online materials will depend upon your previous knowledge and experience. However, we would recommend spending a month (full-time) on these study materials before participating in the live workshops.

To learn more about our SQE1 and SQE2 preparation courses, contact us.

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