The English Legal System Course

Many of our students initially struggle to comprehend how the legal system works in England and Wales. To remedy this, we have built The English Legal System Course to aid your understanding.

The English Legal System Course being studied by a lawyer.

Course overview

The English Legal System course provides a comprehensive and clear introduction to the common law legal system and how this sits within the context of other systems around the world.

Taught online by one of our teachers using a series of video lessons, articles and quizzes, the programme provides a detailed examination of how laws are made and applied; and an overview of the twin pillars of state – the courts and our unwritten constitution.

You will learn about individual topics, including:

  • Parliamentary legislation
  • The doctrine of precedent
  • The legal profession
  • Legal terminology
  • Law reporting.

The impact of Human Rights Law and the European Convention on Human Rights is also discussed.

This English law course is designed for those wanting to study a degree in Law as well as interested lawyers and law students.

Who is it for?

The English Legal System course is taught at introductory level and so formal legal training is not required. It is ideal if you have an interest in the law or you are required to understand aspects of the legal process within your role.

If you are interested in learning legal English or would like to take business English training with our tutors, please contact us via the link or by filling out the form below.