TOLES Sample Papers

Test of Legal English Skills

If you are looking to gain perspective on your level of legal English, the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills is one way of doing so.

Legal English Courses remains the number one school for TOLES preparation lessons. We have taught more lawyers and law students than any other law school or language school.

TOLES Practice Papers

TOLES means the ‘Test of Legal English Skills’.

The TOLES exams allow international lawyers and law students to grade their level of legal English. Legal English is a different language from the English needed to pass a general English or business English language exam and it is significantly different from the English one needs to do an LLB, SQE or an LLM.

The TOLES exams test the vocabulary, phrases and grammar you need to understand and draft cross-border contracts in English and the English needed to feel confident when dealing with international commercial liabilities and financial transactions.


The TOLES exams may now be taken online.

The exams are taken via a secure website and are carefully monitored – which means that candidates are observed during the exam via their laptop camera and are also recorded. These recordings are checked after each exam session to ensure that our strict exam conditions have been met.

This means that exam candidates can take an exam on any of the available dates throughout the year without needing to attend a specific venue.

TOLES Foundation Exam

  • Initial level TOLES exam
  • Tests Elementary/lower intermediate legal English skills
  • 90-minute online exam
  • Tests English legal vocabulary and phrases
  • Tests essential elementary/lower intermediate English grammar

TOLES Higher Exam

  • Medium level TOLES test
  • Intermediate legal English exam
  • 90-minute online exam
  • Tests English legal vocabulary, expressions and phrases
  • Tests essential intermediate/upper intermediate English grammar

TOLES Advanced Exam

  • Final level TOLES exam
  • Upper intermediate/advanced/near proficiency legal English exam
  • Two-hour online exam
  • Tests English legal vocabulary, phrases and idiomatic knowledge
  • Tests upper-intermediate/advanced/near proficiency English grammar

These papers are sample test papers for the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills. If there are any changes to the exam, we will endeavour to keep you informed as quickly as possible.

For further information on preparing for the TOLES exam, please contact us.

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